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All aspects of video and audio production services are available. Click on a title below to read more.


Multi-Camera Shooting

Add that “wow” factor by including multiple angles in your video! A jobs hiring near me dding more than one camera angle can instantly add production value to your video.

Pro Lighting

Good lighting is the BASIS for any well made video. A little extra time added for lighting will make you and your video stand out.

Video Editing

Video editing is done on the latest video editing software on the fastest computer on the market. This assures you are getting the most efficient way to get your video out. Some editors, using inferior equipment, will charge the client for a slow computer by ‘running the clock’ while they wait for videos to load. Don Piano Productions uses only the most up-to-date equipment so you can be assured that you are getting the most bang for your buck.


Multi-Track Recording

With over a decade of professional experience whilst using the same microphones big labels such as EMI, Sony Classical and Deutsche Grammophon use, Don Piano Productions will capture the best possible audio of your performance.

Audio Editing

With seamless precision, Don Piano Productions will present you at your very best by allowing you to choose which parts of your performance you like the most.

Audio Mixing and Mastering

Audio Mixing is the delicate art of combining all the microphones to create the most aurally exciting “3D” sound possible. Audio Mastering puts the finishing touches on the recording to make it shine.


Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning services are also available. The price for a tuning is $50 per 30 minute interval.

$50 = 30 minute touch up

$100/$150 = 1 hr to 1.5 hrs full tuning

Internet Distribution

Upload your video to YouTube and Vimeo

CD and DVD Production

We will co-ordinate with an outside manufacturer and a graphic artist to produce commercial standard CDs or DVDs, complete with album artwork and/or liner notes.